Why Starlink is a great solution for Telemedicine in the Antarctic

Kai Müller, expedition medic and polar guide, has now returned from Antarctica and has given a full overview of Starlink’s valuable role during his journey. Starlink - Internet connectivity in Remote Locations It was back in 2023, that Kai first sounded out our CTO, Tim Belfall, of West-End Wi-Fi,  about the possibility of using [...]

Meet Kai…

Kai  Müller is a polar guide and expedition medic, who has expertise in working in challenging environments, which would certainly faze the rest of us! He has both military and medical backgrounds and has previously completed several tours of Afghanistan and Iraq.  However, when he moved to Norway, he then found his true calling [...]

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Choose Love for Christmas

Choose Love are back right in the heart of Carnaby Village, London with their seasonal Christmas pop-up shop. The charity, which aids refugees and displaced people world-wide, has opened its 2023 store at 57 Carnaby Street, allowing customers to buy essential supplies such as food and fuel for those in desperate need. This year [...]

End Digital Poverty Day – 12th September

Just imagine not being able to pay your bills online, access your emails or book tickets for a show from your computer.  In short, what would it be like to live without the internet? For many people, this is the unfortunate norm. There are many people who are digitally disenfranchised. Whether it be a [...]

Cereals 2023 Show

It’s green, it’s big and it’s back for 2023!  This year, the Cereals 2023 show, was held in June, on the Thoresby Estate, Perlethorpe in Nottinghamshire. This unique event, which focuses on the very latest updates in arable farming, provides the organisers with enormous challenges, simply because of its sheer size. With nearly 400 [...]

Come and see us at Cereals 2023!

We’re excited to be exhibiting at the Cereals 2023 show, and look forward to meeting you on our stand. This year, the show is at the lovely Thoresby Park, close to Perlethorpe and conveniently located in Nottinghamshire.  It also promises to be bigger and better, with a full programme of Knowledge Seminars, delivering a [...]

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Choose Love Returns for Christmas Cheer!

Choose Love, the charity which aids refugees, has returned to the Carnaby Street village, with another pop-up shop for the festive season of 2022. Westend WiFi have once again installed WiFi into the shop, for the charity’s convenience but with the added twist of providing a bespoke, mobile landing page which has been designed [...]

SG1 Radio Ruling the Airwaves

SG1 Radio, Stevenage’s very own radio station has recently up sticks and has expanded to larger premises.  They are now based in the old Subway building on the Quadrant and have the luxury of much more space. This relocation fits in with SG1 Radio’s expansion plans but brought a major headache in the form [...]

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Westend Wifi gives IoT talk at the Digital Catapult

Our CEO, Tim, was recently invited to give a talk to an audience at the Digital Catapult in London.  Tim's presentation was called: "Deploying LoRaWAN - Councils vs Corporates vs Responsibilities".  It covered the pros and cons of deploying LoRaWAN to both cities and the countryside and detailed his experiences and the lessons he [...]

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Risk and Resilience Event

We took a trip to the Science Museum, in Kensington, London, to the Risk and Resilience event which was hosted by the Developer publication. The conference's aim was to raise awareness of the environmental challenges which face architects, constructors and builders, as well as local planning authorities.  Our aim was to understand these challenges [...]

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