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Westend Wi-Fi is an authorised Starlink Installer

We are pleased to announce we are now an authorised Starlink installer.  This is brilliant news for us and for our clients!

If you’re living in a remote area, are a farmer or currently waiting for a fibre connection then Starlink is a great solution to get internet access.  It’s not only for rural communities – we’ve installed Starlink for a residential apartment development, who were waiting for a fibre connection but needed their internet connectivity for their everyday lives.  People need Starlink in their lives for many reasons!

What does Starlink offer:

Fast Speeds:

Enjoy fast internet speeds, which means a smoother and better internet experience.

Low Latency:

Starlink’s satellites work at much lower altitudes, meaning you have the capacity to play games online or do video conferencing.

Reliable Connectivity:

The satellite-based service offers high reliability meaning it will work efficiently and effectively.

Next Steps

If you’re interested in having a Starlink residential or business installed, then it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Just take a quick look at the following steps:

  • Get in touch with us for a discussion on whether Starlink could be the ideal solution for you and if you have any questions then we’ll answer them for you.
  • We’ll need to book an appointment with you, so we can do a site survey. This is essential for us to ensure that the Starlink receiver is placed in the correct location, for best service.
  • Once your Starlink is installed, then you can start to enjoy all the benefits of superfast, reliable broadband. No more slow and unreliable speeds.

If buying a Starlink Standard Actuated kit please ensure you purchase their bespoke Ethernet adapter at the same time.

Starlink installs, comprising labour and installation hardware, typically cost £600 including VAT.
If a longer Starlink cable is required, that is an additional £105 including VAT.

Additional installation services such as 4G/5G boosters, CCTV or wireless bridges are at extra cost.

For more information on the benefits of Starlink then please see our page here.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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