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Impactful analytics is core to our clients’ understanding of their businesses.  We provide the who, where, when, how many and how often to ensure they can make the decisions that will profit their estates, retailers and improve safety for visitors.

This is through our combination of precision LiDAR, AI cameras and facial analytics which has allowed us to create ‘cm’ accurate footfall, footflow and demographic analytics, independent of the technology visitors may be carrying.

Public safety is a speciality for us, with a background of ESN/ESMCP advisory services, enabling the creation of situational awareness services for first responders and investigatory agencies.

Security is always in our mind, so we have our own UK data centre infrastructure to ensure data is kept under our direct control within the UK.  In line with this, our policies and procedures are accredited to ISO27001:2013, Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO9001:2015.  Guests, businesses and tenants all benefit from our first class, resilient services.

We constantly evolve our understanding of retail estates and UK Councils and so actively enhance our services in response.  One such is how working with UK religious organisations such as the Methodist Church, we enable them to support their local communities and neighbourhoods with internet and Wi-Fi for their churches, and deploy IoT sensors enabling the elderly and vulnerable to be supported at home by the wider community.

Another area of concern is rural and urban climate change, so colleagues have found and developed monitoring solutions to manage SUDS/SWMP responsibilities, and provide remote climate and security data to farmers.

Many charities provide devices free of charge, but without an internet connection children cannot complete their homework, and adults cannot apply for support or jobs.  Our leaky Wi-Fi enables councils to provide free basic internet to families in digital poverty without entering their homes.

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Precision Estate Footfall, Footflow, Demographics, Wi-Fi, IoT and Broadband  for Estate Owners & UK Councils.  ESN/ESMCP & Facial Recognition consultancy for appropriate agencies.

Other services we offer include:

  • A Private Fibre Network, in association with Colt and local fibre providers
  • A Superfast network which delivers 1GbE, 10GbE and more consistent capacity
  • The potential to access myriad Cloud-based services
  • Resilience and Security

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Recent Projects

Westend WiFi designs, builds, operates and maintains bespoke Starlink Business/Residential/Maritime rural, disaster recovery, and pre-fibre solutions; GoZoneWiFi Wi-Fi Onboarding, Marketing and Analytics for third party Wi-Fi; Deploy bespoke outdoor Wi-Fi for councils and events;  IoT for farming; Footfall and proximity solutions for property groups, retailers and their Facility Manager partners.