Using existing City, Town and Retail CCTV for Demographics and Footfall

Many cities, towns and retailers have updated their security CCTV systems to high definition IP cameras.

Whilst the intention is to provide greater security to retailers and visitors, Westend WiFi has the capability to sweat this investment to provide managers with instant demographics and footfall monitoring with little additional infrastructure.

We use NtechLab, a proven city wide analytics system, which we host in the UK using our own secure infrastructure which is accredited to ISO27001:2013 and Cyber Essentials Plus standards.  No data is sent outside of the UK as we provide all local and centralised AI processing on site and at our secure data centre operated by Colt.

Using NtechLab advanced AI technology allows us to provide a number of key services to councils, facility managers and stadium managers.

  • Footfall by location and micro area such as shop fronts, preferably using bullet cameras, but also PTZ for special events
  • Demographics by age, gender, emotion and mask wearing, with additional features being added all the time
  • Crowd/Covid management
  • GDPR compliant footfall metrics by return and dwell, with single person counting eliminating duplication of footfall
  • Where approved by police and security services, we can also provide active security alerts for crime prevention, and post crime analysis

The Axis Q6000, with 4 fixed imaging units and a central PTZ, is a prime example of how to capitalise an expensive security camera to enhance estate awareness and, where permitted, provide additional visitor security.

Although we can offer a standalone service connected to a vast range of cameras, the service can also be integrated with existing control room systems for security alerts and automated responses, including:

  • Genetec
  • Axxon
  • Others – please ask

As little or no additional hardware is required, our CCTV footfall & demographics service can be up and running within a few hours after project parameters have been agreed.  Facial recognition services obviously take a little longer due to management of security and GDPR.

Using existing CCTV for automated Footfall and Demographic Analytics

Axis Q6000E