Tim Belfall is a veteran of the telecoms industry and has many years of experience in this demanding sector under his belt, and can offer detailed consultancy services to clients.

In his role as a professional consultant, his emphasis is providing practical and driven solutions to problems and issues that you may have.  Technology can be a confusing subject and his aim is to demystify it for those who may need a layman approach.

His current and previous roles have built on this aspect in the past and include the following:

  • Director of Westend WiFi providing bespoke wireless solutions to councils and property companies.
  • Technical Advisor to AirWave Solutions, now part of Motorola Solutions, who provide critical communication services to the emergency services.
  • Product Development Consultant at Thus plc
  • Product Marketing Manager at Nokia Networks

He is currently a product champion for The Things Network,  Stevenage group which encompasses IoT services.

He has also given presentations on technology for such organisations as Sales Masters Guild and for the Digital Catapult in London, for both general and more tech-savvy audiences.


Advising local authorities and clients in the private sector for the best practice in:

  • Public Wi-Fi
  • Private Wi-Fi
  • ESN/ESMCP – Edge and autonomous networking, and devices
  • Off-Net in-street engagement
  • Footfall analytics and dashboard services
  • Fibre Connectivity
  • Remote Wi-Fi management
  • Advertising and onboarding
  • IoT services including LoRaWAN gateways and deployment
  • IoT sensors eg for parking, climate, water

So, if you have an issue you would like to have guidance on, please get in contact with Tim.