Westend Wifi provides a bespoke Design, Build, Operate and Maintain (DBOM) Wi-Fi and multi GbE fibre services to London’s Westend.  We also provide footfall analytics, off-net engagement using IoT, and campaign management.

Wi-Fi as a Service

Our bespoke Wi-Fi services are created by us using renowned hardware suppliers, such as Ruckus Wireless, Brocade, APC and many others.  We build for the long term, so the hardware uses the latest Wave 2 standards, with the ability to expand functionality as new standards are agreed.  We are looking forward to a 5G world, where data off-load and small cell become tightly integrated for mobile operators who require further data capacity in a densely populated city.

Business Fibre

Colt Technology provides us with an extensive private Dark Fibre tailored for low latency, high-availability CCTV and 8k ready private multi-site network.  Using our own co-location services, we can also access all other major providers of fibre in London, and the UK.  Our co-lo facility also has enormous amounts of resilience, and is trusted by the very largest banks and cloud providers in the world.

Footfall and Analytics

Footfall analytics is a primary metric for public companies reporting their results to investors.  Using a combination of Wi-Fi and IP CCTV, we provide automatic weekly reporting of these figures, suitable for dissemination to investors and tenants alike.  Our dashboard also allows for instant reporting of an estate’s, or retailer’s, performance.  When combined with other metrics, estate and retailers can discover if their locations are performing to target.

Internet of Things

Overhere.at, our in-house proximity service, provides a “bricks and clicks” opportunity for estates and retailers.  This is primarily for enhancing visitor experience for people who do not want to engage with Wi-Fi services.  We use a combination of classic QR codes, NFC technology and Bluetooth Beacons to interact with users.  We have extensive experience of working with worldwide deployments of NFC, for companies such as Clear Channel and Securitas.


Both our Wi-Fi and IoT proximity services offer campaign management to provide event management and timed offers. This is perfect for estates that run multi year events, and for retailers who want to increase footfall by time of day, or day of week. Management and analytics are provided via our dashboard, or can be offered as a zero touch service to the client (we do all the work).