Whether you’re an ad agency or a medical practice, you need to be connected. Connectivity is vital for small businesses to remain competitive.


Connected customers are happier customers.

Small businesses need reliable internet for them to make things happen in today’s connected world.

A fast and uncontended connection allows you to arrange video conferencing, use cloud technology and encourage staff to work remotely.

In short, we offer the tools to enhance your productivity.

WestEnd WiFi offers up to 10 Gbps circuits via our Colt Fibre, which means there is plenty of bandwidth for your digital needs.

For estate owners, it’s a simple and sure way of adding value for your tenants, ensuring a more attractive proposition and enhancing loyalty.

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WestEnd Wifi – Delivering Capacity for the Future.

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For Restaurants, Bars, Clubs and Eating Places

Connectivity improves your customer experience. They can share their experience, via social media or browse reviews.  By encouraging your WiFi guests to check in via Facebook, you can gain free publicity as this information is shared across their friends’ network.  They can see reviews, take and share photos which can help your profile.

Customers at business meet-ups can share data, access vital information or organise their working day.  They can also update their CRM system, whilst on the move, ensuring more productive working.

Wifi also improves your staff efficiency – they can use tablets or mobile devices to take bookings or orders.

We can also offer Ordinii, the mobile app which benefits both restaurant owners and customers.  Diners can use their mobile phone to view the menu, order and then make payments.  Restaurant staff can save time and money by removing bottlenecks and payment hassles.

For more information on Ordinii, take a look here:

Ordinii – the Ordering Genie

Hospital Tablet

For Doctor Surgeries,  Dentists, Hospitals and Clinics

A secure and fast network means healthcare practices can provide an outstanding service, for both their staff and patients. For in-patients, WiFi connectivity means they can keep up with their family and friends from their beds. They can also use their devices for entertainment. All this helps to alleviate the sense of isolation that can come with a stay in hospital. This helps to improve patient satisfaction.

An outpatient’s appointment means waiting time can be usefully filled instead of being wasted time. Visitors to wards and to hospital eating places, can also connect up, enhancing their visit.

For staff, fast access to patient records and medical information is a must. Easier managing of appointments and patient communications makes life much better, for both staff and patients. Staff communications and team meetings (especially when staff work across different sites) work more efficiently.

Finally, expensive medical equipment can be tracked for security purposes; asset tracking means peace of mind for everyone.

“We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology”.

Carl Sagan

“Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.”

Dean Kamen

Personalise Your Portal Page.

Your guests sign up for Wifi via personalised “splash page” or log-in page.

This is unique to you and can be branded with your own logo and imagery.

  • Guests can login by entering their email addresses.
  • You can capture your guests’ email addresses and use them for future marketing campaigns eg a newsletter.
  • You can encourage your guests to “check in” on Facebook, thus gaining valuable and free publicity for your venue.
  • You can have different personalised landing pages at different times and locations – ideal for if you are running a large event.
  • By encouraging the use of WiFi, your guests can make recommendations, tag friends or share pictures across social media.

If you are worried about guests abusing the WiFi service, remember that you can set the parameters. You can control the amount of WiFi eg they can have 30 minutes of WiFi but, to carry on after that, they must sign up with a valid email address.