For Paramedics and First Responders

Westend Wi-Fi Telemedicine Starlink case (TCC)

Self contained, autonomously powered, Starlink and 5G connectivity for First Responders and Paramedics operating in remote locations..

It’s almost impossible to use a satellite phones to describe a patient’s condition to a surgeon or specialist, so our Telemedicine Communication Case has been designed to send live video, patient diagnostics and live ultrasound data from any ultra rural location, and disaster area, from almost anywhere on the planet*.

Our solution has been used in Antarctica, on the ocean and in blizzard conditions, by industry professionals Kai Muller, Katharine Ganly and Hannah Evans FRGS paramedics and doctors.

It has been optimised to be taken as plane luggage, so it’s always close to hand, ready for deployment within 5 minutes of power up. As the satellite system is embedded within the case, the user does not have to deploy the antenna saving time and hassle – one button for superfast internet. It also has 5G for use in built up areas pre-field deployment.

With its flight ready battery it can operate up to 90 minutes for every charge, and can be recharged or kept operational longer using wind and solar. It also has a USB-C socket so it can be charged in a vehicle, base camp or external battery. Larger embedded battery solutions are available.

To ensure easy secure Wi-Fi access by the team, our TCC uses Passpoint/OpenRoaming for automated onboarding of users, as well as WPA3 Unique Pre Shared Keys for non Passpoint capable Wi-Fi devices.

Optional services including multi case bonding for 500Mbps secure satellite throughput, CCTV, LoRaWAN sensor connectivity, wired Ethernet connections, long range Point to Point, Wi-Fi flood coverage and autonomous LTE/5G coverage.

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