Dedicated AI sensors & cameras for GDPR compliant Demographics and Footfall

Some councils, retailers and facility managers only need a few locations or areas tracked.  Typically in smaller boutique locations and stores, possibly even as a temporary survey.

In these instances we use the stunning range of cameras and sensors from Mobotix and Now Wireless.

Mobotix, a German company with decades of experience in intelligent cameras, has launched a new range of hyper local AI cameras – the M73.

Unlike many of their competitors, Mobotix have created an IoT AI processing platform within the camera unit itself.  Each camera can have a number of applications running simultaneously to capture footfall, demographics, Covid security, crowding, over occupancy, loitering, left baggage, heat maps and many other metrics depending on the use case.  They are also perfect for traffic analytics in dense retail and street environments.

As processing is completed within the camera, the solution is GDPR compliant as no visual data is retained, unless as part of a security system.

With a range of lenses from fisheye to telephoto, Infra Red sensors and speakers, the cameras can be easily adapted for their locations and use case.

Data is processed locally, and the results transmitted to Westend WiFi servers for further analysis and display via our dashboards and reporting systems.

The cameras can be integrated with existing security systems if required, and rated for indoor and outdoor use.  Indoors, the individual camera elements can be embedded into the building structure or fittings to provide discrete coverage.  Outdoors, the cameras are IP66 rated for durability and long life.  Being of European origin there is additional protection from supply chain interruption.

Westend WiFi also provides classic Ruckus Wi-Fi and Bluetooth footfall counting for deep GDPR compliant data analytics whilst also providing visitor data and proximity services.

Mobotix for local permanent and pop-up intelligent Footfall and Demographic Analytics