LiDAR for Game Changing Precision Footfall, Footflow and Traffic Monitoring

LiDAR is a game changer for councils, estate owners, facility managers, developers and retailers who desire to understand how their street, retail and road environments are performing, 24 hours a day and with the greatest accuracy.

If you want to understand how people flow around your estate or retail outlet, where they pause over an eye-catching window display, how they flow in and out of a shop, or dwell in front of a promotion, whilst being GDPR compliant, LiDAR is probably your answer.

Road, cycle lanes and transport management is made more accurate and data rich due to the speed, accuracy and intelligence behind our LiDAR systems.

LiDAR uses rapid, insignificant bursts of light, to provide a rich level of data that just cannot be found in CCTV or Wi-Fi footfall systems.  It is so accurate, that self driving cars use it to ‘see’ other cars, people and obstacles to safely navigate from place to place.  Using the same precision, architects and surveyors use LiDAR to map out old and new buildings to precisely control renovation projects, and manage technically challenging new builds where precision is paramount.

So by using permanently mounted LiDAR sensors, meshed together to create a seamless continuity of movement, our systems can tell not only footfall in the immediate surrounds, but where that footfall is going, where it’s coming from, how fast or slow, how people are moving, and pick out tiny areas of real interest for planners, investors and retailers.  Capturing the living town and city in minute detail, and all whilst being GDPR compliant.

The success of special events, like market days, street entertainment, promotions can now be analysed and replayed, and this data used to help the next event to be even more successful.  Our service can be configured to provide performance comparison between events, times, weather conditions, objectives, dwell and other resources we probably haven’t thought about yet, but can add quickly to our dashboards.

Our LiDAR services have safety benefits as well.  It can sense and alert if crowds are forming, allowing a managed response to protect visitors.  It can also be used to assist security and police in the event of physical attacks showing where the culprit and victim have come from and where they may be now.

So if you want the the most informative and flexible footfall and footflow monitoring, talk to us about LiDAR.

15,000 sq metres of 360 Degree coverage per sensor for full street, retail, road and warehouse coverage.  Meshable for continuous city wide coverage