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Versatile On-Boarding

We provide a range of secure on-boarding services to meet specific client pricing, service and security requirements, these include:

  1. Open public access – Overhere.at
  2. Open authenticated public access with WPA3 – Overhere.at
  3. Secure inter-operator, corporate and public access – Blueport
  4. Secure corporate access – Ruckus Cloudpath Enrollment
  5. Secure international access – Hotspot 2 / Passpoint

Public Wi-Fi is regarded as a commodity service, but can be incredibly difficult to get connected to.  This can be exasperated by the requirements of the venue putting layers of pages and actions in front of a user before they can access their data.  It can also be incredibly expensive and inflexible to operate.

We therefore have a range of services tailored for the client.

The simplest one is direct access with no onboarding requirements apart from the client’s splash page and terms and conditions managed by our in house Overhere.at service.   The user merely clicks on the open network, which displays the T&C’s of the service, followed by useful information about the client’s site.  Simple and effective, and promotes use of the network.  Additional security can be provided using both WPA3 ad-hoc security as well as WPA2 on-boarding via QR code.  An underlying time and data limit can be provided to ensure fair use and, of course, the service is filtered to ensure compliance with Friendly WiFi ethics.

Our second in-house service has been created and developed over a number of years to provide sign-up, user engagement and interactive splash pages.  This manages the amount of data and time  a user has pre and post authentication, provides email and demographics capture with email verification, and is structured to ensure that users abusing email addresses and unacknowledged terms and conditions are placed in ‘time out’.  The service can also use WPA2, WPA3  via QR and speculative encryption.  Services are separated by VLAN’s for different levels of Quality of Service (QoS).

Our latest service uses Blueport, a hub for like minded Wi-Fi providers acting as a trusted third party allowing end users to seemlessly connect to other networks that also use Blueport.  This means that once the user has been onboarded with one network, they can seamlessly join another supported Blueport network anywhere in the world.  No more frustration for the visitor, and a happy customer for the retailer, council or estate owner, whilst retaining security and control.   Blueport is also ideal for hotel residents and council tenants who can take their secure Wi-Fi to their neighbourhood and still be fully secure as if they were at home.

The fourth system is Commscope’s Ruckus Cloudpath, a PKI-SSL certification on-boarding system for businesses and government users, BYOD and M2M.  Cloudpath is designed for segmented multisite employee and guest access at the highest level of security based on WPA2/WPA3-Enterprise via 802.1X authentication.  This can be a standalone or cloud based service depending on the security and credentials required.  Cloudpath also provides extensive rule based control of devices, especially useful for people working away from their office.  Cloudpath supports:

  • 802.1X (EAP methods: EAP-TLS, PEAP [client only], DPSK™)
  • Web authentication
  • Non-802.1X (MAC authentication)
  • EAP-SIM configuration for iOS
  • Support for Hotspot 2.0 R1 and R2 via OSU (Online Signup Server)
  • Radius CoA
  • OAuth 2.0 and SAML 2.0
  • DPSK configuration for Ruckus Wi-Fi
  • Microsoft® Active Directory®
  • RADIUS via PAP
  • Any LDAP-compliant directory
  • Internal user database

Hotspot 2 is supported directly by us through our Ruckus Wi-Fi controllers.  Hotspot 2 is a widely agreed standard between Wi-Fi manufacturers and service providers that allows users’ devices to be automatically on-boarded via an agreed exchange of information between the user’s home network and the network that they are visiting.  This requires extensive liaison between providers but, if configured correctly, can allow for instant on-boarding for ease of use.  This is especially useful  for international travellers and offloading mobile operators.

GoZoneWiFi – On-Boarding, Marketing, Footfall and Advertising

GoZone WiFi

Overhere.AT – On-Boarding and Splash Pages

Blueport – Universal Secure On-Boarding

Cloudpath – Corporate On-Boarding