Project Description

Held in the grounds of Burghley House, Stamford in Lincolnshire, their Three-Day Eventing covers Dressage, Cross-Country and Jumping and attracts some 173,000 visitors, alongside 600 carefully curated exhibitors and nearly 100 of the world’s top competitors.  In terms of its attendance figures, it sits within one of the UK’s top ten national sporting occasions and has been going for more than 60 years.

With a huge shopping village, hospitality pavilions and an extensive programme of events on each day, there is an enormous lot going on!

Internet connectivity is a must, not only to keep the line of communication running smoothly for the team behind the scenes, but also for the visitors, who want to make the very best of their day.

DBpixelhouse provided the on-site Wi-Fi for the organisers and visitors whilst we at Westend Wi-Fi designed and managed the Wi-Fi landing page service for the visitors.  This not only had to embody the show’s branding but also showcase their best offering, ensuring an enhanced experience for all of the guests, who use the platform for Wi-Fi.

The landing pages were designed to be clear, for the visitors’ convenience, making it easy to navigate with What’s On information, Food and Drink, Shopping and a site map links.

Over the four days of the Defender Burghley Horse Trials, there were some 10,000 users of the guest Wi-Fi, proving how popular it was with the visitors.

As the landing pages give a picture of the user statistics, this means it can be an invaluable tool, for the show’s organisers, when planning the next year’s event, giving unique insights.

A very high number of visitors were using it to physically navigate their way around the vast showground, using the site map whilst the What’s On information was also very popular.

There are also further opportunities to add value to the landing pages, by providing personalised welcome messages (via text or email) eg for returners, and also offering discount vouchers for food and drink and shopping.

All this means an enhanced experience for your visitor, whilst providing you with valuable metrics on your event.  It’s a win-win show for everyone!