Project Description

Market Place Magic

Stevenage Indoor Market has been trading for over 45 years and has a special place in the heart of the New Town.  Boasting an enviable array of market stalls, it offers something for everyone – from artisan bakery, and haberdashery and fabric to exotic fruit and confectionery.

It also has a food court under its roof, with a varied and reasonable menu which is perfect for the weary, hungry shopper.

During Covid, the essential food stalls were able to open to the public but meant a move towards contactless payments became necessary.  Now things are back to normal, contactless payments are still important hence the need to install a secure and reliable public Wi-Fi network.

Westend Wi-Fi’s system means the market stall-holders can take payments quickly and efficiently and also send emails and carry out essential business easily, thanks to their own special access.

The general public can also login and browse the web at their leisure for free.  This is even more important as the market has allocated a Warm Space, close to the food court.  This is open for anyone who needs to use it.

The market hosts several events throughout the year, which means the Wi-Fi is even more of an essential. The Indoor Market has its own branded splash pages, which mean the general public can login quickly and easily, using a variety of different methods.  (You can view the splash pages here)

The splash pages can be changed throughout the year, to suit the event programme and can even offer a discount voucher, or a loyalty card if need be.

The Indoor Market is open from Wednesday to Saturdays – 8.30 am to 5.30 pm.

The Warm Space is at the Covid Cobra Stall, which is shown below.