Choose Love for Christmas

Choose Love are back right in the heart of Carnaby Village, London with their seasonal Christmas pop-up shop. The charity, which aids refugees and displaced people world-wide, has opened its 2023 store at 57 Carnaby Street, allowing customers to buy essential supplies such as food and fuel for those in desperate need. This year [...]

Choose Love Returns for Christmas Cheer!

Choose Love, the charity which aids refugees, has returned to the Carnaby Street village, with another pop-up shop for the festive season of 2022. Westend WiFi have once again installed WiFi into the shop, for the charity’s convenience but with the added twist of providing a bespoke, mobile landing page which has been designed [...]

Wi-Fi in Hospitality

So you and your friends go to a pub, bar or a restaurant, and you expect great connectivity. It's hit or miss with the mobile operators as soon as you step through the doors, it's not their fault, just plain physics. So hospitality WiFi can be the difference between a successful, or unsuccessful, business. We've [...]

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