It’s green, it’s big and it’s back for 2023!  This year, the Cereals 2023 show, was held in June, on the Thoresby Estate, Perlethorpe in Nottinghamshire.

This unique event, which focuses on the very latest updates in arable farming, provides the organisers with enormous challenges, simply because of its sheer size.

With nearly 400 exhibitors, 17,000 expected visitors and even a guest appearance from the musical legends, the Wurzels, such an event requires months of meticulous planning.

As the organising team had to be on-site days before the actual show opens, to be able to coordinate everything successfully, a reliable Wi-Fi connection was a must.

Westend Wi-Fi (working in partnership with DbPixelhouse) was tasked with setting up a pop-up Wi-Fi connection for the organising team, so they could crack on with the many tasks which lay ahead.

The Wi-Fi was back-hauled, using multiple Starlinks with allocation for organisers for support staff and a distributed Wi-Fi network for attendees.

The system worked very well, demonstrating that connectivity is available, even in the middle of the rolling countryside.  This proved to be a vital link in the smooth-running of the show.  We look forward to next year’s show, in 2024, which will be held at the new location of Bygrave Woods, Hertfordshire.