Our CEO, Tim, was recently invited to give a talk to an audience at the Digital Catapult in London.  Tim’s presentation was called: “Deploying LoRaWAN – Councils vs Corporates vs Responsibilities”.  It covered the pros and cons of deploying LoRaWAN to both cities and the countryside and detailed his experiences and the lessons he had learnt.

LoRaWAN provides a gateway which can connect IoT devices, such as sensors, which will have a large impact as we move into a connected world.  By using such sensors and gathering data, we can gain the bigger picture in several different scenarios.  One example of this would be smart rivers and canals, where sensors would detect potential flooding, and provide early warnings to avoid disasters.

The talk was enjoyed by about 60 attendees, who also heard other presentations on the possibilities of LoRaWAN.  This was followed by a panel discussion where a question and answer session was held.

The Digital Catapult’s aim is to promote new digital technologies, help start-ups and connect people and companies.  Their headquarters are in Euston Road, Kings Cross, London.  More information about their work is here.