JC Decaux, one of the largest DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) advertisers in the world, needed a robust Wi-Fi solution as part of its commitment to the Paris community, and it’s advertising clients.

Avenue des Champs-Elysées has over 100 million people a year working and visiting the area.  So the access points have to support a high density of devices, and the noisy radio environment from the many businesses along the Avenue.  Mainly deployed in existing JC Decaux advertising locations, there are also a number of subsidiary indoor access points to ensure capacity and coverage.  Ruckus access points met all the demands required by JC Decaux to provide this robust, high capacity and noise tolerant service.  See the video case study:


In addition, JC Decaux required high capacity connectivity to ensure the access points had the necessary backhaul bandwidth to support the high user loads.  Colt ( a supplier of ours ) provided this fibre service quickly, and with minimal disruption to this historic area.  Case study is here, or watch the video case study: