London is one of the most visited cities in the world, with a long history of architectural innovation.  From Roman outpost, through war, fire and rebirth – London’s hodgepodge of buildings provides an almost unique street landscape; now protected to ensure that future generations can enjoy and appreciate it.

London’s diverse areas of retail, government, museums, transport, media and housing all coalesce in the WestEnd of London.  To survive into the 21st Century, the Westend is being upgraded to a Fibre and Wireless communication infrastructure, which is where we come in.

  • Corner and Ceiling Brackets
  • Pivot corner mount - Matt Black
  • Pivoted AP on Corner Bracket
  • Ceiling Mount CloseUp
  • Ceiling System
  • Exploded Ceiling System

An in house design team allows us to create hardware to complement, or merge, Wi-Fi into the street scape.  Rather like London’s beautiful gas lamps, each deployment can have a unique design associated with the history of the area.   

The old way of sticking lumps of unsightly communication boxes onto the pavement, or on the sides of buildings, is no longer tenable.  So to ensure the appearance of the Westend is maintained, we have a design team that create and style brackets, and street furniture, that blends into the unique appearance of an area.  We can also ensure that the listed buildings are further protected by ensuring bolts are only ever drilled into the masonry, and not the historic brick work.

The core design of our new corner bracket not only improves the aesthetics of an install, but also the functionality, with integrated cable management, post installation rotational adjustments, easy access point mounting as well as accessories for installing PoE Fibre converters, CCTV / Small Cell integration, substantially reducing street clutter.  We also powder-coat and wrap the kit to eliminate the harsh appearance of OEM hardware.

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