We have recently set up a demo and research centre in Therfield, Herts.  With additional space and set in the rolling fields of the Hertfordshire countryside, our new centre allows us to hold seminars, showcase our products and test both our own and third-party products.

The current vogue is for smart cities, with IoT focussed very much on the urban environment.  However, we felt strongly as a company, there is a need to showcase and demonstrate IoT and communication products aimed at rural communities.

Farmers, in particular, face many challenges, such as security, sustainability and the best use of energy resources.  Anti-social crimes, such as rural theft, animal rustling, hare-coursing and illegal raves, all add to the pressure.

Technology can help solve some of these pressing problems and make rural communities feel safer.

We also have the opportunity to hold informative seminars for local authorities, such as county and district councils.  Here we can help the public sector understand just how IoT and other technologies, can help them with such issues as parking, air quality, footfall monitoring and flooding.

We are lucky to have a great coffee bar, seminar room and even a couple of friendly billy goats on site so if you want to know how we can help you, then please drop us a line!