Choose Love, the refugee charity, has returned, again to Carnaby Street, London with a brand-new pop-up shop, especially for the 2021 Christmas season.

Choose Love (Formerly known as Help Refugees) supports refugees, across the world by providing them with the basic necessities that we all take for granted, such as hot food, warm clothes and shoes.  This year, donors can buy a pandemic protection bundle, as this provides vitally important essentials for those coping with the global pandemic, along with many other hardships they could face.

Westend Wi-Fi was delighted to help out once more, on the installation of pop-up wifi, in Choose Love’s new temporary premises.  This year the charity will be located at 3 Carnaby Street and a colourful themed wall provided the perfect backdrop for guests to take a selfie and spread the word, via social media.

Choose Love has also partnered with Carnaby Street with their themed Christmas lights which this year, feature a kaleidoscope of shimmering 3-D and 2-D butterflies.  The myriad of butterflies represent spiritual rebirth, change and hope which is a poignant symbol for all those displaced by war, persecution or famine.

Choose Love will be in Carnaby Street, London until 24th December.